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Leadership Team Coaching

Coaching at the team level provides a structure and process for managing challenges creatively, building strengths and internal resources to achieve team objectives. Our consultant coaches simultaneously challenge and support the individual members and the team as a whole.

Leadership Team CoachingIronically leadership teams, precisely because of the individual successes and the differing disciplines of their members, sometimes struggle the most to become the high performing, collaborative force for organisational performance. organisation Development is a unique discipline in that it integrates the knowledge and practices of multiple disciplines to identify the systemic factors in structure, process, practice and inter/intra personal dynamics that contribute to effective teams. ODR's multi-disciplinary approach often proves the critical success factor in coaching teams towards the high performance achievable when each is working in synergy with the team objective/s.

When the cross functional responsibilities of a leadership team challenge the synergies expected to bring about a cohesive direction and consolidated outcome, ODR's coaches will provide the climate and structure that encourages learning and the transparency with and commitment to each other that enables high performance.

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