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Organisational Frameworks

The formal and informal frameworks established within organisations outline the structure, processes and practices by which an organisation operates within it's environment. ODR assist in maximizing the effectiveness of those frameworks that support the performance of the people. We ensure formal and informal frameworks provide direction and organise, manage and integrate data into useful categories for quantitative and qualitative measurement of organisational intelligence.

We establish and evaluate mechanisms for the accumulation of a knowledge base from which to learn, adapt and navigate through sometimes turbulent periods.

We design and implement evidence-based systems and associated mechanisms that reinforce and sustain performance.  We map those processes that manage knowledge and assure the rapid uptake of best practices.  We evaluate progress and facilitate the removal of barriers.   We analyse and maximise the coherency and synergies of these frameworks. We are skilled at mapping the relationships between elements of the systems such as purpose, strategy, control, innovation, continuous improvement, performance , reward and culture to sustain the implementation of system level performance.

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