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Organisational Surveys

Organisational surveys are a simple and economical way to understand what perceptions individuals in a workplace hold and how that may impact their behaviours.

We have the infrastructure and capacity to manage large scale surveys segmented across multiple divisions, business units or related entities. These features ensure that organisations can rely on our reports and confidently build recommendations based on the sound information that we present.

By working collaboratively with our clients, we ensure that organisations can use surveys to:

  • Identify current issues affecting the organisation's performance
  • Understand employee engagement with corporate objectives
  • Plan and manage change
  • Provide information to support strategic planning
  • Conduct benchmarking
  • Drive continuous improvement

Enhanced performance is only a survey away.

3. ProfessionalOrganizational effectiveness is critical to success in any economy. In order to achieve increased and sustainable business results, organizations need to execute strategy and engage employees. However, research indicates that most organizations are struggling to get it right.

  • Blocks to Effectiveness108 Questions
  • 9 Factors
  • 25 minutes
  • 1 coaching session

3. ProfessionalBefore you invest time, effort and resources in building a learning organsiation supported by knowledge management, it helps to know how ready your organisation is - how prepared the culture is for using learning as a business asset. The following questionnaire can help you identify strengths that will support the effort, as well as roadblocks that could slow it down.

Learning Organisation ReadinessSpeak to on of our consultants about determining your organisation's readiness to implement learning organisation strategies.

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