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INDIVIDUAL - Success foundations

How we construct our sense of self and the elements that make up the systems in which we work, live and play determine our level of satisfaction, motivation and engagement in all spheres of life.   These programs are personal and professional development for the alignment of the individual with those elements of their self that lead to:

  • Identification of what gives you meaning in your life
  • Alignment with your purpose
  • Navigating the balance and direction that allows you to live to your potential
  • Finding the joy and happiness that may have been missing

Individuals, teams and organisations are realising that time and effort targeting the individual's alignment with their interests and motivation leads to a more engaged and contributing individual.  The return on investment for personal and professional development include people who are;

  • refreshed and energised
  • eager to confront new challenges
  • capable of accepting more responsibility
  • enabled to engage with and relish complexity and uncertainty in the workplace
  • greater self confidence and alignment with organisational objectives
  • greater awareness of their impact on others in the work place
  • increased personal and interpersonal effectiveness

Where ever you are or want to be in your career, ODR offer programs to determine and design your career.  If you're a leader / supervisor, we coach and enable you coach others in their personal and professional development.

When you register, you're provided a step by step approach and all of the tools, techniques and practices to ensure your effectiveness.

Our programs are designed by professional organisation development consultants with extensive experience in assisting people from all walks of life in finding clarity on career paths and maximising individual talents to achieve effectiveness and performance.

  • Refine values, interests and purpose
  • Align career and life vision
  • Align choices and priorities
  • Determine what provides intrinsic motivation and passion
  • Define career paths and plan steps to achievement

This range of programs have been designed to address those demanding challenges we face both on work scenes and in life.  Providing the latest in techniques and strategies for self mastery and interpersonal effectiveness when the heat is on.

When dealing with challenging, bullying or toxic behaviours, or stepping up the challenging of presenting or public speaking for the first time.  These programs are based in sound psychological practices that support success.

We define professional development as the systematic maintenance, improvement and extending of competency (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and the development of self and personal qualities necessary for the effective execution of professional and technical duties throughout a professional’s working life. 

We offer a range of materials with a focus on building participant effectiveness regardless of job classification.  More than training in process and systems, these materials prepare individuals to consider their personal attributes, preferences and contributions and how to align these and develop those required to achieve their professional and personal aspirations.