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Coaching & Career Management

Where ever you are or want to be in your career, ODR offer programs to determine and design your career.  If you're a leader / supervisor, we coach and enable you coach others in their personal and professional development.

When you register, you're provided a step by step approach and all of the tools, techniques and practices to ensure your effectiveness.

Our programs are designed by professional organisation development consultants with extensive experience in assisting people from all walks of life in finding clarity on career paths and maximising individual talents to achieve effectiveness and performance.

  • Refine values, interests and purpose
  • Align career and life vision
  • Align choices and priorities
  • Determine what provides intrinsic motivation and passion
  • Define career paths and plan steps to achievement

Create a personal brand that will propel your career or your business.

ProfessionalPeople select you based on a preconceived expectation of what you will deliver.  The stronger your ability to optimise your personal attributes and strengths, to brand yourself and establish an expectation of something positive, the more likely you'll be to drive successful outcomes in all of your life's endeavours.

In a world where job tenure is a thing of the past - a strong personal brand has become a must.  One of the best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge, and overall worth in today's competitive job market is to create a personal brand that helps you gain clarity on your personal direction and what you have to offer and to stand out in the crowd.

We all have a reputation whether we are managing it or not.  Your personal brand lets you define how you are perceived.  It guides and focuses your efforts and differentiates you in a highly competitive job market.  It defines what motivates you and makes you unique.

Personal branding sets you up to be remembered in the way you want to be remembered.

Personal BrandingIn this online coaching program, you'll have access to a professional branding coach to step through the process of establishing a brand that has impact in your chosen field.  Regardless of your experience, role or your industry, an essential marketing tool in your career management toolkit.


  •     Articulate your passions and connect with your unique value.
  •     Soar with your strengths.
  •     Define your relevance in the marketplace.
  •     Have the answer to the question "Tell me about yourself" at your finger tips.
  •     Enhance your personal presentation to align with your brand.
  •     Managing your reputation.  Increasing visibility, exposure and profile online and offline.
  •     Learn the common mistakes people make in the linkedin profiles and resumes.
  •     Strategies for overcoming the barriers and inhibitors preventing your success.
  •     Establish a plan for maintaining a focused brand.

Enhance your own and enable your team effectiveness

2.  IntermediateA practical, highly practical program is designed for leaders to excel at enabling others for high performance.  Utilising the timeless principles of effective coaching practices employed by professional coaches and great leaders, the program challenges participants to become the kind of leader others genuinely want as a coach.

Foundations of CoachingOUTCOMES

  • Foundational competency for coaching
  • A systematic model for transformational coaching
  • Effective management of the process
  • Engaging and earning the right to coach
  • Framing and challenging your people to hold themselves accountable for results
  • Extend your leadership skills to inspire and develop your people
  • Assisting a struggling coaching
  • Dealing effectively with non-performance
  • Aligning the skills and effort of your people to objectives

Enable talent engagement & retention

3.ProfessionalAlign the evolving ambitions and aspirations of your people with evolving organizational requirements and ready your people to execute strategy.  
This program is for anyone responsible for coaching, mentoring and/or developing others.


  • Practice using ODR's Align Your Career materials to engage and enable your people to greater contribution
  • Career CoachIdentify those tasks, projects and activities that intrinsically engage your people,
  • Turn  purpose and passion into performance
  • Establish the mechanisms for managing your "talent pool” to be self-motivated and directed at organizational requirements
  • Tools for evidence based career structuring that delegates responsibility and accountability effectively
  • Guide and manage the "talent pool” so it develops organically in alignment with team and corporate strategy

Prerequisite:  Participants will learn how to utilize ODR's Align Your Career materials and are required to have undertaken the Align Your Career program as a prerequisite.

2.  IntermediateCoaching and performance feedback are emerging as two of the central skills needed by those seeking to engage and succeed with the savvy generation of worker today.   It is a well understood practice that to achieve high performance you need a coach,  and this applies as much today in the workplace as it does in the sporting arena.   Imagine the results you could get with a few coaching skills and techniques.

In work environments where conditions change quickly - where new technologies, new processes, new products and new partners require that employees continuously learn, it is essential that we all have ways of measuring how we are doing, of reinforcing successful performance and of correcting where improvement is needed.  

Giving & Receiving FeedbackThis workshop is designed to help team leaders, supervisors, managers and others in the workplace learn the skills needed to provide on-going, effective feedback to their team members and the coaching skills needed to maximize employee potential.  This workshop is for managers with two to five years of experience, and at least one direct report, who want to make the transition from micro managing to empowering others to manage and succeed with greater responsibilities and outcomes.


  • Overcoming the fear factor
  • Dispelling performance anxiety
  • What is effective performance feedback?
  • Strategies for provding feedback that motivates?
  • Critical Success Factors to effective feedback
  • Feedback, coaching and Leadership

    3.ProfessionalThis program explores the core skills and attitudes needed by managers to help their staff grow and achieve their full potential. It explores the structures needed to build an effective mentoring relationship, as well as the issues that can arise during the process.

    Highly interactive with practise in some of the key discussions through role play, case studies and simulation. There are also plenty of tips on the techniques of successful mentoring.

    Mentoring 2OUTCOMES

    • Understand the mentoring role and why it must be earned and not conferred.
    • Create a supportive environment for your mentee, ensuring there are easily accessible routes to your knowledge and advice.
    • Know the expectations and limitations of your newly developed relationship and adopt a facilitative approach to assisting and providing support.
    • Devise an accurate Workshop Needs Analysis system and adopt an appropriate workshop approach to bring the best out of the individual.
    • Guide your protégé to realise their own potential
    • Show genuine concern and interest in both professional and personal issues in a way that has a positive impact on performance.
    • Maintain a realistic and practical approach to the problems your mentee encounters.

    4.  MasterLearn how to coach executives under the guidance of our experienced organization development consultants.  The program provides participants with the essential coaching competency tools and processes required to coach and partner executives to further their success. Highly practical and experiential, participants will require someone to coach enabling them to apply their coaching skills in organisational coaching contexts.

    The program is suitable for those seeking to develop their own executive coaching practice, or for organisations wanting to develop a coaching culture.

    Coaching ExecutivesOUTCOMES

    A. Setting the Foundation 
    1.  Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

    2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

    B. Co-creating the Relationship

    3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

    4. Coaching Presence

    C. Communicating Effectively

    5. Active Listening

    6. Powerful Questioning

    7. Direct Communication 

    D. Facilitating Learning and Results 

    8. Creating Awareness

    9. Designing Actions

    10. Planning and Goal Setting

    11. Managing Progress and Accountability

    Get started now with our online learning materials and access to one of our specialist trained coaches.

    2.  IntermediateWhen you're at a career crossroads this flexible coaching program with a qualified career coach will provide the process and resources to make a successful career transition.

    When faced with the challenge of a career change, job role or direction - or when targeting promotion - the support of an experienced and trusted career advisor can make a significant difference the length of time It takes and your success at landing the best career opportunities.

    Working with our extensive range of career tools and resources including your choice of career quiz, career tests or comprehensive career assessment by our experienced consultant / coaches.  We tailor your program to your unique requirements providing quality direction and advice.

    Even if you need counselling, your coach will provide quality career guidance and support, in the same way that a life coach provides direction in life.

    Brad Career TransitionOUTCOMES

    • Career assessment and alignment strategies
    • Discover work that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning
    • Systematic review of all of the elements that facilitate or impact your transition
    • Identify and maximize your transferrable knowledge, skills and attitudes (competence)
    • Identify job search options and strategies suitable for your specific transition
    • Uncover work that perfectly fits your interests, skills, values and personality
    • Develop a winning resume and cover letter
    • Interview guidance, practice and review
    • Coaching and tactical advice when challenges arise.
    • Human Resource Departments and  recruitment agencies - navigating expectations and salary negotiations
    • Basic financial strategies and referral to Financial Planners where appropriate
    • You may choose to undertake an additional full psychometric assessment to assess your career potential and best fit career path


    • Develop your competitive advantage in the job market
    • Extensive range of resources, tools, templates, case studies and worked examples
    • Flexible and generous resources and support for your transition in your new career
    • Access to the online program and materials any time day or night and from any where in the world
    • Access to a qualified professional to assist in providing confidence in your next steps and in times of stress, anxiety