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Category: Coaching & Career Management

2.  IntermediateWhen you're at a career crossroads this flexible coaching program with a qualified career coach will provide the process and resources to make a successful career transition.

When faced with the challenge of a career change, job role or direction - or when targeting promotion - the support of an experienced and trusted career advisor can make a significant difference the length of time It takes and your success at landing the best career opportunities.

Working with our extensive range of career tools and resources including your choice of career quiz, career tests or comprehensive career assessment by our experienced consultant / coaches.  We tailor your program to your unique requirements providing quality direction and advice.

Even if you need counselling, your coach will provide quality career guidance and support, in the same way that a life coach provides direction in life.

Brad Career TransitionOUTCOMES

  • Career assessment and alignment strategies
  • Discover work that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning
  • Systematic review of all of the elements that facilitate or impact your transition
  • Identify and maximize your transferrable knowledge, skills and attitudes (competence)
  • Identify job search options and strategies suitable for your specific transition
  • Uncover work that perfectly fits your interests, skills, values and personality
  • Develop a winning resume and cover letter
  • Interview guidance, practice and review
  • Coaching and tactical advice when challenges arise.
  • Human Resource Departments and  recruitment agencies - navigating expectations and salary negotiations
  • Basic financial strategies and referral to Financial Planners where appropriate
  • You may choose to undertake an additional full psychometric assessment to assess your career potential and best fit career path


  • Develop your competitive advantage in the job market
  • Extensive range of resources, tools, templates, case studies and worked examples
  • Flexible and generous resources and support for your transition in your new career
  • Access to the online program and materials any time day or night and from any where in the world
  • Access to a qualified professional to assist in providing confidence in your next steps and in times of stress, anxiety
Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 1760(AUD)
Topics: 10