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Personal Effectiveness

How we construct our sense of self and the elements that make up the systems in which we work, live and play determine our level of satisfaction, motivation and engagement in all spheres of life.   These programs are personal and professional development for the alignment of the individual with those elements of their self that lead to:

  • Identification of what gives you meaning in your life
  • Alignment with your purpose
  • Navigating the balance and direction that allows you to live to your potential
  • Finding the joy and happiness that may have been missing

Individuals, teams and organisations are realising that time and effort targeting the individual's alignment with their interests and motivation leads to a more engaged and contributing individual.  The return on investment for personal and professional development include people who are;

  • refreshed and energised
  • eager to confront new challenges
  • capable of accepting more responsibility
  • enabled to engage with and relish complexity and uncertainty in the workplace
  • greater self confidence and alignment with organisational objectives
  • greater awareness of their impact on others in the work place
  • increased personal and interpersonal effectiveness

Go ahead, create a life worth living!

4.  MasterBringing together  extensive  interdisciplinary research into a relatively simple process for being joyfully, authentically you, this program helps you align the elements of your life to create a sense of resilience, harmony, vitality and personal effectiveness. 

Your internal and external engagement with life, your choices, your definition of happiness, your future and your life are all explored and aligned to achieve a coherent sense of your self, personal authority and purpose.

If what you really want is just a personal sense of happiness,  if you're wanting to map out your next steps, feel engaged and attuned to your own life, or simply gain a strong sense of meaning and passion, then this program provides the tools and steps. 

Aligning Your Self isn't just for those times when you're stuck however, it is something we all need to do to ensure we enjoy our life the way we would want it to be.   

You can choose to undertake the process alone for the benefits you will gain or delve into the research supporting it depending on where you find meaning.  

ODR's foundation personal effectiveness program is for you if you're ready to address the root cause of any life dissatisfactions you experience.  If you are feeling like an imposter, playing a role, wearing a mask, falling short of your ideal self and / or worth less than you wanted for your life.  You'll map out the way to make the difference you were wanting to make and answer the calling to align with your life's work.

David TouchdownOUTCOMES

  • The scientifically validated elements that make up well-being and flourishing.
  • Define your signature strengths and where you apply them to give your life meaning and direction.
  • Learn a psychology for living, loving and constructing your self.
  • Deconstructing and transforming negative life patterns.
  • Discover the unanticipated joy of being stuck.
  • Name it to tame it.  Recognising and releasing resistence and trapped energy.
  • Increase your capacity for creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrate your personal creativity.
  • Aint it a shame I can't be authentic.  Finding and following an authentic life.
  • Whole hearted living and shameless happiness.
  • Gain a unique view into you.
  • Self-authoring:  Being the cause of your life.
  • Optimise your emotional guidance system to find your "true north” and potential.
  • Eliminating the hustle for worthiness.
  • Coherence and flow:  Optimal states of being.
  • The dignity of daring.Character and achievement, turning struggle into strength
  • Choosing transition or personal transformation.
  • Put your self in charge and find the courage to answer your calling.
  • Devise a plan to stay aligned, vital and flourishing.

Give your self permission to be live whole heartedly.  You can start now with our online learning materials and access to one of our specialist coaches.

ONLINE COMMUNITY:  At completion of the program you will have access to our online community to share with other like minded participants finding meaning and engagement with life.

Position your self to achieve

4.  MasterHow you manage your career has a strong impact on your identity, well-being and self-efficacy:   That sense that you're capable and on track to reaching your goals.

Regardless of where you are in your career or what role, this program will step you through the process of purposefully aligning each of the elements that affect and build career success in your terms.

Find the career options that give you purpose in life.  Whether you are wanting to choose a career, consolidate your career ideas change career, find a new career, plan your career or determine your career using our career testing assessments and questionnaires, this program will put you on track.

Align Your Career AubreyOUTCOMES

The critical aspects of Career Alignment and the process for  achieving success and job satisfaction.

  • Discover the type of work that launches you out of bed every morning.
  • Determine the jobs that perfectly fits your interests, skills, values and personality.
  • Contextualising:  Critical awareness of your position, profession, organisation, industry and placement.
  • Critical success factors for your personal performance and productivity.
  • Identify what motivates and what burns you out.
  • Reconnect with those things you're passionate
  • Improve your career navigation and management skills and align your resources.
  • Improve your prospects and/or experience in your current and future roles.
  • Develop a career path that you'd stay on even if you won the lottery.
  • Devise a plan to keep your career aligned and vital even in dynamic work environments

Tools, Techniques, Processes and Practices to Sustain You and Your Career

4.  MasterWhether you have a personal or professional question, an uncertainty about your self and / or your effectiveness; and you are ready to take on the challenge of addressing and resolving it, learning our coaching process and techniques will enable your success.

Choosing to work and partner with one of our highly experienced and credentialed coaches can be transformative.  Our clients tell us, the experience is one of the most empowering, potent, enlightening and enriching experiences they have undertaken.  You'll learn to focus your signature strengths and challenge and conquer your self-imposed limitations.  In addition to learning how to be your own coach, you will have a  role model; a confidant, trusted advisor, consultant, motivator, advocate, challenger, guide, psychologist / counsellor, practice buddy and mentor along side you. 

We select the appropriate approach, tools assessments and enablers to transform your challenge you to achieve your chosen results.

Coach Your Self ClaudiaCoaching is widely recognized as an enabler for individual, team and organisational effectiveness and ODR's coaches provide practical evidence-based approaches to ensuring you attain this return on investment.  Whether choosing coaching for yourself, your team or adopting coaching as an organisation wide cultural style, our experienced consultants offer a full range of coaching programs to align your efforts and achieve results.

Our high calibre coaches blend theory, practice and experience in senior organisational roles together with access to extensive resources to achieve measurable coaching results.

Our Foundations of Coaching program also provides participants with the tools and coaching competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and our consulting programs benefit those looking for targeted coaching for their unique context.


  • Target those factors critical to your success and utilize your efforts more effectively.
  • Aligning goals, roles, values and interests.
  • Reclaim your life, its purpose and direction.
  • Be empowered with insights, different perspectives and strategies that have proven effective.
  • Practical steps to developing an individualised action plan.
  • Problem solving and decision making tools, hints and insights.
  • Be your own personal coach, wellness coach, business coach, leadership coach
  • Learn coaching skills, coaching techniques and how to utilise coaching tools to get results.

Step into mastery, flow and presence and unlock your potential.

4.  MasterA practical intensive program for those committed to doing what it takes to create a deeply engaging life and achieve all that they can be.  A key objective of the workshop is developing peak performance competency.

ImprSelf Mastery Markove your engagement with life, self confidence and satisfaction.  Find your purpose in life and pin down those things that make you thrive and flourish, performing at your best - in flow.

Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Occupy the perfect niche and avoid false paths
  • Social intelligence and reading people
  • Awaken the dimensional mind and fuse the intuitive with the rational
  • Find your authentic voice and presence
  • The three phases of Mastery
  • Own the room:  Superfluidity and effortless effectiveness
  • Grit versus Flow:  The path to channeling the inevitable pain points to achieve the joy of mastery
  • Deliberate practices for achieving flow - that state of being totally engaged and your most effective
  • Deliverable:  Strategies and plan for being the best you can be.

    Release your motivation for your role and clarify the strengths you bring to your customers

    4.  MasterInnovation is not just something organisations do to improve their viability in the market place, individual and team effectiveness is enabled when their strengths and motivations are aligned with customer derived value

    This interactive program is relevant for individuals targeting the alignment of their professional identity to best effect.  Answering the questions "Who do I serve?” and "What strengths do I bring?", the program provides you with a sense of purpose and engagement in your work.


    Innovate Your Self Steve

    • Establishing signature strengths, look and style
    • Who do you serve and how do you make them feel and define your niche
    • If its to be it starts with me:  Who am I when I am authentic
    • Declare your purpose, mission and value proposition
    • Determine how you're currently branded
    • Identify where your current state branding is working for you and the gaps
    • Determine your alignment, liberate  and create your professional identity
    • Connect with your unique value and become your own flagship product
    • Define your relevance and placement in the market place
    • Use the Business Model You methodology to determine where the market is for brand you
    • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
    • Improve your creativity and be the innovator of your life

    When it is time to take stock of overload and its effect on your performance.

    4.  MasterIf you're feeling unfulfilled, and disconnected to your drive and motivation for life and your career? This workshop focuses on resurfacing your waning passion, recognising job burnout indicators and sustaining signature strengths and high performance.


    • Renew Your Self TashaaIdentify the root causes of your dissatisfaction, job burnout, or desire for "more”
    • Assess where your personal passions and competencies merge and fully engage both in your work life
    • Discovery processes for determining your focus and direction
    • Minimize the drains and distractions that take you off your game
    • Build aligned networks, rhythms and routines to enhance your life, health and energy
    • Navigate and align the key elements of career success in your terms and sustain the desire and direction over time
    • Energizers and Focus Tools for optimizing your ability to deal with pressures and maintain your new direction over time
    • Understand the science of re-invigoration and renewal
    • Renew your mind and soul

    3.ProfessionalThis program explores the contemporary tools and technology that is meant to make us more efficient yet can leave some of us scratching our heads.  you will evaluate the effective habits and techniques for managing your competing priorities in a time poor environment and the factors critical to your productivity.  You will undertake an exercise on one of your most challenging tasks using advanced project management skills including scheduling, work break down structures, critical path analysis and dependency and risk management together with delegation, monitoring and project control.  

    Crisis management and managing the scramble that occurs are also addressed.   Strategies for managing the daily work amongst the multiple projects whilst returning phone calls, handling mail, attending meetings, preparing reports and schedules...plus take care of all the other expected and unexpected interruptions that are part of a manager's daily routine.  

    Designed for managers and individuals working in a time pressured environment, either to learn new techniques or re-examine existing time management habits. This workshop has proven valuable to both senior managers and frontline staff alike.

    Time to be Effective ToddOUTCOMES

    • Establishing role critical success factors
    • Determine blocks to effectiveness by analysing present work habits
    • Measuring tasks against priority matrix measures
    • Project management - work break down structure, task analysis and allocation, establishing reporting and monitoring systems
    • Preparing Long-Range/Short-Range Projects in a Group
    • Multiple projects - dependencies and critical path analysis
    • Negotiating Priorities with Your Boss and Co-Workers
    • Managing communications and expectations with your key people and direct reports
    • Work flow processes and systems that maximise your available time
    • Reduce and eliminate time wasting activities
    • Assertiveness as a Priorities Management a Tool

    3.ProfessionalThe objective of this program is to provide a framework for understanding the reasons why Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) is a critical factor when evaluating high performance in individuals and teams and how Emotional Intelligence competencies can be learned through coaching and developed over time to harness potential for enduring achievement. Develop an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and how it contributes to hard business outcomes.

    Emotional Intelligence KlienOUTCOMES

    • Master conflict in a culturally diverse business environment and use it to build formidable teams
    • Implement E.Q. as a tool to produce actively involved employees, resulting in loyalty and increased job satisfaction
    • Make a positive impact on your colleagues by leading rather than managing your team
    • Reduce personal pressure by realising your limitations and correctly identifying your responsibilities
    • Use the valuable information gained through the techniques of E.Q. to make sound, informed business decisions and ensure success.
    • Test your emotional intelligence.
    • Tap into your emotional intelligence.

    3.ProfessionalOne of the most important foundation skills for any professional and particularly for leaders, assertiveness is key to effective interpersonal relationships.  Not to be confused with aggression, the goal of assertiveness training is to enable participants to speak authentically, express their rights, requests, opinions and feelings honestly, directly and appropriately.  In addition, assertiveness involves being receptive to other's needs and without intentionally hurting anyone's feelings or violating their rights and self-esteem.

    ODR's Assert Your self program is an engaging, interactive learning experience that helps participants develop the skills needed to have a positive influence on their colleagues and customers.  Through various activities and exercises, participants recognize communication styles and the best way to engage with other's styles. Here is when the process of becoming more assertive truly takes shape - by understanding the needs of other communication styles, participants learn how to express their opinion and stand up for their interests regardless of whom they are dealing.

    Assert Your Self ClaudiaOUTCOMES

    • What's so good about being assertive and why, if it's so good, everyone doesn't use it
    • Resolving the blocks to your effectiveness and stop undermining your assertiveness attempts
    • Contribute to making better decisions yourself and for others
    • The difference in motivation between being assertive and being a bully or doormat (earn respect from others)
    • Knowing how and when to be assertive ... or not (act with self-confidence and assuredness)
    • Hands-on ways to keep your cool (... and your reputation)
    • What, when, where, how, where and with whom to discuss contentious issues
    • Learn to get control over your daily activities by knowing how and when to say no constructively
    • The difference between aggression and assertiveness and how to gain greater commitment from others
    • Positive, proactive responses to others challenging behaviour

    3.ProfessionalWhat is the secret of those outstanding speakers who are able to deliver a brilliantly effective talk, whilst appearing hardly to refer to a note?

    Invariably, the answer lies in the amount of preparation undertaken beforehand.  Good speeches are seldom the result of impromptu flashes of inspiration - they are much more likely to result from thorough research of the subject matter, followed by careful planning of the final content and structure of the speech itself.

    Public Speaking BruceOUTCOMES

    • Identify their audience
    • Create a basic outline
    • Organize their ideas
    • Flesh out their presentation
    • Find the right words
    • Prepare all the details
    • Overcome nervousness
    • Deliver a polished, professional speech
    • Handle questions and comments effectively
    • Presentation skills and techniques

    3.ProfessionalParticipants will be provided the opportunity to trial these methods within the program and develop a person stress management plan incorporating those strategies most suited to their requirements. While positive stress can add anticipation and excitement to life, mismanaged stress can have long term, negative repercussions. The goal of the workshop is to assist participants achieve optimum stress levels.

    Resilience SophiaOUTCOMES

    • Recognise the signs and presenting symptoms of stress
    • Emotional intelligence awareness
    • Physical and mental techniques for handling stress
    • Eliminating stress from the physical environment
    • The nutrition connection. Understanding food and stress
    • Responding with poise to stressful situations
    • Eliminating stress at its source by learning the major causes of stress and how to neutralize them
    • Tips to handle pressure,  crisis,  problem-solving and decision making with ease
    • "success stress” how to fight this damaging form of stress that strikes the most talented,  high achieving men and women
    • "burn out” Lean the stages and symptoms of chronic stress with hard-hitting counter-attacks for each stage
    • Building long term resilience

    When did it happen? 

    When did it all slip through your fingers and leave you empty, living on autopilot - no longer feeling connected, feeling cheated, feeling like the life you were sold was not the real deal?

    We've been listening.

    Come join the conversation and claim back you.

    If you've realised  her self playing  through the challenges of everyday life, the sometimes competing roles of mother, career, friend and lover, the overload of dealing with life's injustices, she feels the loss of her authentic voice.  A woman knows to her very soul that the greatest achievements in the world were built on connection, collaboration and compassion.  When she looses her voice, she is unable to hear her connection with her self and those closest to her.

    More than a mentoring or skills development course, this program is for women wanting to take back the driver's seat, feel visible and heard.

    A Woman's VoiceOUTCOMES

    • Playing in your strengths.
    • Revive your enthusiasm for life and love.
    • Reconnect with your core and rebuild intimacy in flagging relationships.
    • Identify the sources of disempowerment and reconstruct your personal power.
    • The safety and the impact of staying small and the fear of being really seen.
    • Connecting to and hearing the self.
    • Being and getting heard.
    • Reconstructing me, holding my own and standing by myself.
    • Feeling and projecting your authentic voice.
    • Construct an enabling environment that nourishes, and sustains your personal well being.
    • Achieve meaningful and positive relationships.
    • Build grit and resilience in the face of life's competing challenges.
    • Enjoy more of those positive energising emotions like joy, freedom, assured and contentment.

    MasterMore than ever, the ability to think strategically and critically, of future possibilities and critically evaluate the business possibilities in emerging trends, is needed for future success.  A critical component of the manager's role is to prepare the organisation for the problems and opportunities of tomorrow. This "minds on" workshop enhances the ability of the participant by taking them through the components of a comprehensive process and providing tools and techniques to accomplish each of the components while at the same time considering their organisation's multiple features.

    3. Professional Level ProgramThe Strategic Thinking component of the workshop helps managers meet the challenge of building strategy. Distilling and applying the latest strategic insights and approaches to help in accurately assessing the business environment, the competition and the industry in which participant's organisations are situated.

    The Critical Thinking component describes the mental process of determining that which is valid and reliable about the information upon which to base our decisions.

    Designed specifically to broaden participant's perspectives on how to make organisations more competitive, this workshop is suitable for middle to senior managers with responsibility for strategy formulation and implementation. Learn to create coherent and insightful strategies for the future and get the opportunity to apply these concepts to your organisational strategic plan.


    • Generate multiple creative solutions and compare and contrast the applicability of each
    • What type of thinker are you
    • Metacognition - Thinking about thinking
    • Mind mapping - Facilitated thinking
    • Fair mindedness and other traits of critical thinkers
    • Framing: Understanding Constraints
    • Mine and Theirs: Seeking alternative perspectives
    • The ICC: Innovative-Critical Cycle
    • The art of intelligent decision-making
    • Developing your Criticality: Building a lasting game-plan