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Category: Interpersonal Effectiveness

3.ProfessionalWhether overt or covert, aggressive or passive, intended or not, we have all experienced behaviour that is difficult to understand, to cope with or to change. This program provides, tools and techniques for improving your effectiveness in managing these situations to minimize the damaging consequences.

Managing Challenging BehaviourOUTCOMES

  • Create relationships free from the damage of poor behaviour.
  • Instantly recognise the different types of challenging behaviours and the thoughts and emotions driving each.
  • Recognise and understand the differing needs that trigger and cause non constructive behaviors.
  • Learn and practice various techniques for navigating, dealing with and diffusing behaviours that aren't working.
  • Practice early recognition and diffusion techniques to avoid the time consuming conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • When behaviour is toxic and harmful and how to intervene constructively.
  • Learn and practice the essential skills needed to disarm and rebalance after confronting challenging behaviour.
Enrolment duration: 13860 days
Cost: 1980(AUD)
Topics: 10