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Impact and Influence

Category: Interpersonal Effectiveness

3.ProfessionalWhat is the secret to those successful and popular people who attract opportunities? Hard work alone will not achieve this.  Being exceptionally gifted or a specialist in your profession will not achieve this.  In this program participants will learn what personal effectiveness means and how it can benefit them in every aspect of life.    If you are not satisfied with your current outcomes in life then it is time to do something different.  It is often said that the definition of insanity is to keep implementing the same strategies and expect a different result.  Fact is that if you knew how to do 'life' differently you would have done it by now.  So if you are ready to challenge some of your strategies in a supported and experimental environment, then this could the one thing you do this year that starts to make an impact on your life.  

Interpersonal EffectivenessThis workshop is designed for managers, supervisors, and members of self-directed work teams who need to learn strategies for successful interactions with and how to influence others to gain commitment and increase productivity.  The aim of the course is to extend the understanding of when and how to use assertive behaviour, techniques to influence others, recognising signals from others, coping strategies for time pressured environments, harnessing conflict, alter pace and enhance interpersonal effectiveness. Development skills for helping others to work better together and to gain clarity about your own values and aspirations will be discussed.  Acquire skills for improving confidence, team building, and communication.  Achieve goals that will result in growth, change and increased effectiveness


  • Recognise and acknowledge your strengths and areas for development
  • Manage your stress levels and improve your efficiency at work
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Be more assertive and confident with your work colleagues
  • Use persuasion and influence to achieve your objectives
  • Understand the benefits of networking
  • Set a personal action plan with achievable goals
  • Stress Management
Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 1980(AUD)
Topics: 10