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Category: Professional Development

3.ProfessionalThe ability to deliver information to achieve maximum impact is a skill that everybody can use, yet many find it difficult to master.  Most people find it difficult to present their ideas in an interesting, concise, enthusiastic and logical way. This one day practical workshop explores how to organize your information content and how to deliver that content in a clear, concise and convincing manner with powerful techniques of presentation that could transform the way your audience listens, and responds.

By the end of the program, participants feel increased confidence and can deliver dynamic presentations to even the most challenging audiences.

Presentation Skills ClaudiaOUTCOMES

  • Learn and practice the skills to engage your audience. 
  • Understanding how to manage your body language, voice and pitch to achieve engagement. 
  • Delivery essentials that build rapport and add to the message
  • Improved presenting skills by using additional visual aid
  • Design effective and engaging presentation
  • Better topic based presentation without getting sidetracked
  • Present with credibility, composure and clarity
  • How to plan and structure a presentation for engagement and impact
  • How to crystallize your objectives for a presentation How to structure your presentation for maximum effect
  • How to determine audience requirements to be able to target your message and be heard
  • Hints and tips to ensure your next presentation is a winner
Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 1760(AUD)
Topics: 10