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Sales Mastery

Category: Business Development


The Sales Excellence program provides how to techniques and practice in prospecting, 'cold-calling', objection handling, creating sales presentations and closing the sale. Participants also learn to maximise their selling potential by learning how to organise time (both effectively and efficiently), target customers and strategically prepare for successful sales meetings.

The program steps the sales person through the sales process in a practical hands on approach. Using the latest research and development in the field of sales communications, this state of the art program will improve your sales results, helping you to exceed targets .

Sales MasteryOUTCOMES

  • Recognize where your sales strengths lie and take action to improve skill areas requiring development. 
  • Prevent product dumping by following effective sales strategies. 
  • Identify all the opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell within your product range. 
  • Ensure your most productive time is spent with your customers to build the rapport. 
  • Identify wider range of cross selling opportunities
  • Frame effective benefit statements while handling a sales meeting or call.
  • Gather as much information as possible during a sales pitch.
  • Know the need of the prospect and find the right solution at the right time

Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 2200(AUD)
Topics: 10