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Category: Business Development

1.  IntroductoryThe modern salesperson is a professional and is as far removed from the commercial traveler or 'Rep' as the electronic calculator is from the abacus.  The modern customer has also changed and is aware of amoral sales techniques and practices more than ever before.  He/she can choose their requirements from a number of companies each promising features and benefits to suit many requirements.  To whom s/he gives the order, will be greatly influenced by the attitude, skills and technique of the salespeople competing for the signature.  This program prepares the novice sales person to initiate and manage the sales process and hurdle the barriers to win in their career.


  • Understanding peoples buying decisions, the triggers and the deal killers. Develop the essential skills and techniques used by successful salespeople.
  • Make appointments confidently and with greater ease.
  • Gain initial credibility with the customer to help build trust and rapport
  • Use effective questioning and listening techniques to forge firm relationships and influence your customer
  • Understand the difference between a want and a need and how to turn a want into a needed purchase.
  • Define the features of your product and accurately match the benefits to exceed your customer's expectations and needs.
  • Acquire the skills of active listening, identify real objections and handle them professionally and successfully.
  • Recognise when and how to secure a sale using a variety of techniques.
  • Maintain the motivation and stamina necessary to keep winning business.
Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 1540(AUD)
Topics: 10