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Category: Strategic Management

4.  MasterOrganisational sustainability is rapidly becoming a strategy of choice for assuring viability in current and future economic climates.  Extending beyond the traditional environmental sustainability, this program will explore extended strategic issues, develop and explore frameworks for whole of organisation systems sustainability and outline a number of practical approaches to establishing the systems, processes and practic es essential for the long term view. Participants will develop strategies for building change readiness and sustainable business operations including sense-making, decision-making and risk-taking in constant change, sustainable environmental and commercial practices and identity cultural and renewal as elements of sustainable practice.


  • Organisational Sustainability - From Why? to How
  • Provides a comprehensive organisational framework for sustainability
  • Assists you to put sustainability strategy into action
  • Articulates the business drivers and dimensions of sustainability
  • Practical tools for establishing, implementing and sustaining
Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 2200(AUD)
Topics: 10