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3.ProfessionalBenchmarking is the art of opening your mind to what has made other organisations successful, combined with the ability to creatively translate such insight into successful implementation and improved results.

For organisations wanting to achieve effectiveness, the challenge can be knowing where and how to start. Around the world, organisations seeking to achieve greater profitability and growth have found that the solution lies in comparing their processes and performance with that of other organisations. They have achieved substantial results by making significant improvement based on the learning from benchmarking projects.

This program teaches participants to understand how to use benchmarking to measure how performance, compare with good practice and how to improve business processes. Participants learn to use practical tools to identify benchmarking partners, compile necessary information to effectively benchmark and learn to use benchmarking results to implement improvements in their organisation.


  • Determine the strategic positioning of the organisation and its strategy development processes.
  • Assess competitiveness with a view to understanding business viability and sustainability of a business.
  • Identify competitiveness weaknesses and strengths, which in turn can be used to identify and direct competitiveness upgrading interventions.
  • Choosing a fitting instrument.
  • Selecting benchmark partners.
  • Planning a benchmark exercise.
  • Preparing data collection.
  • Developing reporting formats.
  • Benefits, as well as potential pitfalls in performing benchmarking exercises.

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