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AUD2,200.00 each



PROFESSIONALParticipants in this highly interactive and experiential program are empowered and provided with essential skills needed to create that sense of urgency in the customer that makes them want to buy ONLY your offering.


  • Project professionalism and credibility in the eyes of customer and win their trust in you.
  • Understand the vital importance of openings and first impressions.POWERFUL SALES PRESENTATIONS
  • Deliver effective presentations that get commitment through your Point of Difference.
  • Effectively reflect the customers expectations in presentations so their confidence is exceeded.
  • Create an effective structure for delivering critical Facts, Features and Benefits that clearly define your Point of Difference.
  • Make polished and powerful sales presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximise results.
  • Plan and prepare sales presentations systematically to ensure clarity, value and impact.
  • Thoughtful and planned use of visual aids and technology to elicit a "must have" response.
  • Deal confidently and competently with awkward situations and turn them into sales.
  • Win over your audience encouraging a buying response through thoughtful analysis and use of humour, timing and spontenaeity.

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