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Team BuildingWhen the synergies required of a team to achieve objectives are to be established, maintained or rebuilt, ODR's consultants are specialists in the provision of team building and dispute resolution workshops. Selecting the most appropriate process, we facilitate a methodology that assists teams to solve problems, analyse issues, trouble shoot, resolve barriers, disconnects and sticking points, Analise the root cause, make decisions and agree to a resolution.

Our experienced organisation development practitioners utilize behavioural science methods such as process facilitation methodology to examine the fundamental infrastructure that supports and/or inhibits current functioning and enables people to think more systematically about a sustainable solution.

This advanced facilitation technique addresses not only the formal or explicit processes playing out in the team dynamic, it addresses and engages with the more subtle, hidden or implicit dynamics and influences. We also deliver workshops in Process Facilitation and can coach new facilitators as they use the techniques. We draw from many and multiple techniques to facilitate dialogue, shared understanding, engagement and improved team dynamics through innovative workshops.

Team Building & Dispute ResolutionTransformational change is often reported by our clients as the most important outcome. Participants in our workshops report experiencing this approach as a "turning point" or "epiphany" in their lives, helping them to construct new identities and to recognize the important social interactions required when returning to work.

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