Communities of Practice

When people work together, they invariably form many informal networks of relationships that go beyond formal organisational patterns, often crossing functions and divisions to enable the accomplishment of tasks more efficiently or effectively than if communication and action took place along formal lines alone. 

ODR consultants assist in establishing, facilitating and evaluating a Community of Practice (COP) approach to strengthening and capturing the knowledge and performance of these informal networks.

Often incorporating action learning and / or learning organisation methods, we ensure these networks operate in parallel with the formal organisation becoming an integral component to the organisation's systems with goals, deliverables, resources, accountability and assigned membership.

The benefits of organisational communities of practice can be summarized as:
Knowledge sharing/management: Cross functional groups or project teams use and reuse explicit knowledge assets, for example through shared access to a repository of best practices, reference documents, presentations etc.   We can also run a workshop in Knowledge Management on customer's work sites.

  • Responsive solution generation: Faster responses to issues such as customer requirements by providing rapid access to the expertise needed to solve problems.
  • New hire readiness: Reducing the time taken for new employees to become productive the accessibility of assistance and mentoring.
  • Idea generation and innovation: A forum for generating new ideas for products and services by sharing perspectives and ideas.
  • Centre of expertise/excellence: A hub of subject matter expertise and highly specialized knowledge areas for employees wishing to learn about an aspect of organisational life (policies, processes, practices).
  • Virtual classroom/learning laboratories: A collaborative platform enabling the exchange of ideas to facilitate or as follow up after classroom based learning.

ODR's Community Blog provides updates and insights on ODR's services.

ODR hosts 5 online communities of practice engaging our stakeholders including customers and consultants through our Learning Management System.  For more information press the link below the community of interest to you to contact us.

ODR Assessor Community of Practice

ODR Assessor Community of Practice

coaching Community of Practice

Coaching Community of Practice

ODR's Leadership Community of Practice

Leadership Community of Practice

ODR's Facilitator Community of Practice

Facilitator Community of Practice

Organisation Development Community of Practice

Organisation Development Community of Practice