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Team Renewal

Team RenewalCreating and sustaining effective teams requires persistent renewal and discovery of what works in the team’s current and in preparation for future tasking.  Team tasks vary over time; the contexts they work in vary, as does their membership.  As function, tasking, roles and membership change is a constant; teams must adapt and readjust to the changes that confront them within and external to their organisation.



ODR’s Team Renewal consulting builds reflexivity, preparedness, psychological readiness and agility.

  • Team RenewalEstablish regular team reviews including assessment of relevance and alignment of task and function
  • Team member vigilance for internal and external scanning of changing environmental factors
  • Contingency planning and advice on potential drivers and scenarios for consideration by decision makers
  • Create capability and capacity to objectively review and negotiate individual, team and functional objectives
  • Identify and eliminate inefficient processes and practices that contribute to low-value work
  • Develop practical, high impact solutions that can be implemented immediately to improve individual, team and business performance.
  • Establish protocols to ensure planning and alignment is reviewed regularly and its effectiveness measured.

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