BLINDSIDED! Stop the crazy making of the covert aggressive

AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

BlindsideResearch has identified that passive aggressive behaviour is more of a problem than people might like to believe.   Workplaces are rife with confusing, frustrating, dishonest behaviour  and mixed signals.  All of which minimise productivity and job satisfaction.   In this hour long session how to recognise, respond and recover from passive-aggressive behaviour is explored.  Strategies are provided to assist you to stop the crazy making of the games, secrets and manipulation.


  • Stop!  What was that?  That's crazy making
  • The warning signs and the aftermath
  • Attitudes / personality traits and corresponding behaviour patterns of passive aggression.
  • The emotional and psychological impact of covert passive-aggressive leadership on employees.
  • The hidden and real cost of covert aggressive tactics on organisations
  • Why does covert aggression survive and thrive in the workplace
  • Survive and thrive:  Assertiveness techniques


Workshop Time:  12.00 - 13.00pm workshop + 1 hour questions (Australian EST)

Workshop Date:   Thursday 20th August 2015

Online Access to Materials:   From Monday 17th August to 23rd August

Online Assessment & Certificate:  If you choose to complete the assessment, you can do so and download your certificate from completion of the online workshop.

Access to Online Coaching:  Use the booking area to schedule online time with a coach and get started exploring the specific issues you want to address.