The Risk of Ignoring Bad Behaviour: Calculate The Silent Costs of Incivility

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How Rude!  Ignoring incivility deliberately or unconsciously perpetuates and escalates bad behaviour

IncivilityThe seemingly small acts of offensive behaviour, injustice and disrespect we all experience don't stop or go away when ignored.  In fact decades of research shows that unchecked bad behaviour escalates and spirals when ignored.   Many of us would have experienced the demanding "boss from hell" or the narcissistic co-worker who's self focus impacts our performance. Incivility is the seemingly inconsequential words and acts of others that violate our expectations of respectful behaviour including;

  • Insulting comments - overt and covert
  • Withholding information
  • Taking credit for another's work or efforts
  • Showing little interest or not listening to other's opinions
  • Failing to follow up, return phone calls or respond to email
  • Failing to say "please” or "thank you” or worse - grunting
  • Leaving a mess for others to clean up

Each small act of incivility adds to a toxic climate and each act causes those who experience it to spread it to others.  In addition, targets of incivility often punish their offenders and the organisation in which it occurs either overtly through acts of revenge or covertly through acts of sabotage.

The rampant rise of rudeness costs us all, taking its toll and hijacking the efforts and resources of offices and organisations.  The impacts include greater job stress, reduced performance and innovation and disengagement from our work.  Organisations who ignore incivility experience lower staff engagement, poor productivity and higher turnover.

  • Up to 98% of employees say they have experienced incivility at work.
  • Over 50% report experiencing it weekly.
  • Yet more than 40% Say They Don't Have Time at Work to Be "Nice".

This online workshop will step participants through identifying and naming the acts of incivility.  You have to name it to tame it.  Together with the impacts and costs of incivility for individuals, teams and organisations.

  • Individual participants will assess the ways in which incivility impacts their personal effectiveness and access the language and tools needed to address incivility when you experience.
  • Teams will estimate the impacts in terms of time and resource costs of incivility whether experienced within the team or from external sources.
  • Organisational estimates of revenue impacts will be calculated by participants interested in the systemic impacts of bad behaviour.

Strategies for combating this growing epidemic will also be outlined.



  • What is in/civility?
  • What are the impact and costs?
  • Factors that provoke incivility
  • The incivility spiral
  • The real personal, team and organisational costs of incivility
  • How workplace incivility hurts the bottom line
  • Rudeness repels customers
  • Nice guys really do finish first
  • The ROI for being civil
  • Strategies to foster civility for individuals, teams and organisations



Workshop Time:  12.00 - 13.00pm workshop + 1 hour questions (Australian EST)

Workshop Date:  Monday 9th November 2015

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