TOXIC WORKPLACES: Survivors & Thrivers

AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

The workplace has often been seen as one of the places where civility still ruled, with co-workers treating each other with a mixture of formality and friendliness, distance and politeness.  However, with downsizing, reengineering,budget cuts, pressures for increased productivity, autocratic work environments increasing and the use of part-time and outsourced employees, there has been an increase in "uncivil and aggressive workplace behaviours.”   At what point does incivility become toxic undermining individuals and work-groups?  This workshop is for those wanting to understand the options in when you find yourself in a toxic wasteland.

Toxic WorkplacesOUTCOMES

  • When is behaviour toxic and how to recognise it.
  • Indicators of toxic workplaces.
  • Staff infections:  The costs of toxic behaviour.
  • System overload.  When the poison rots performance.
  • Narcissists and psychopaths.  Putting their power in neutral.
  • What happens when HR won't or can't do there job.
  • Do you really get what you tolerate?  Surviving toxic workplaces
  • What do you mean THRIVE?


Workshop Time:  12.00 - 13.00pm workshop + 1 hour questions (Australian EST)

Workshop Date:   Thursday 17th March 2016

Online Access to Materials:   From Monday 1tth to 21st March 2015

Online Assessment & Certificate:  If you choose to complete the assessment, you can do so and download your certificate from completion of the online workshop.

Access to Online Coaching:  Use the booking area to schedule online time with a coach and get started exploring the specific issues you want to address.