AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

Position yourself to take advantage of potential future opportunities!3.Professional

Future proof your organization with a robust way of penetrating the fog of uncertainty in dynamic business environments. Unlike forecasting, scenario planning  readies the business for plausible scenarios or potential futures and their consequences and opportunities.  This program builds alignment around a preferred future and  focuses on organisational viability  and potential transformation or renewal.

Scenario PlanningOUTCOMES

  • Map the driving forces and emerging trends at work in your industry and the potential impacts on your organisation.
  • Anticipate and take advantage of future disruption in your industry.
  • Apply a decision making matrix from which to objectively evaluate resourcing and investment decisions.
  • A filter for opportunities from which to position your organization.
  • Foresight methods to explore multiple, plausible pathways into the future and create your future business vision.
  • Enable strategic and critical thinking for creativity and innovation.
  • Discover the power of standing in the future and expecting the unexpected.
  • Determine how, when and where to act together with when to alter the plan and why.