AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3.ProfessionalSpecifically designed for the busy manager who wants to get ahead in their career and who needs to get to grips with a business program in a time and cost effective manner. 

It is designed to give you a thorough overview of the strategic aspects of business and the way that each function interlinks; planning the business (strategic thinking); doing the business (operations management); managing the business (people and resources); marketing the business; financing the business and managing change.

Strategic ManagementOUTCOMES

  • Use the skills of a strategic manager in addition to those of an operational manager.
  • Understand the strategic planning process.
  • Set appropriate business objectives that supports those of the organisation.
  • Manage and motivate your department/team and maintain their commitment.
  • Work more closely and effectively with senior colleagues.
  • Create and communicate a clear direction of your team.
  • Apply a personal action and development plan in the workplace that makes a difference.
  • Create and assess strategic options using a practical strategic tool set.
  • Manage costs strategically and operationally.
  • Use a variety of management tools and techniques to manage people and resources.
  • Manage change and motivate others to follow your lead.
  • Balance long-term vs. short-term goals.
  • Understand what to prioritise, implement and manage