AUD1,650.00 (AUD1,500.00 excl VAT) each

3.ProfessionalThis program guides participants through the process of Business Review  to effect fundamental reviews of performance at business and business unit level. The reviews use the concept of the Business Excellence Model, in particular the five 'Enablers' which cover what an organisation does. 

The process provides participants with an opportunity to supplement the existing quality assurance mechanisms and demonstrate strategies aimed at examining key areas which effect business results. The review methodology examines the way in which particular enablers have been implemented and deployed; to audit the evidence base for these enablers and to advise management of the sufficiency, efficiency and effectiveness with which these are currently operating.

Business ReviewThe reviews process takes a holistic view of performance, gathering information for framing the feedback report and focusing on service/product improvement issues.


  • The data requirements and the material that needs to be analyzed in each of the three business review steps.
  • The key marketing issues and questions that need to be answered in each step of the business review.
  • How to write succinct summary statements describing the findings.
  • Define what business the organization is in and the strategic leverage it will use to compete.
  • Define product areas where the organization will grow and concentrate its business efforts.
  • Provide and define the parameters for future channel and price decisions.
  • Shape the brand positioning, marketing strategies, and communication sections later in the plan.
  • Drive where the organization seeks growth and where itdoes not seek growth