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Purchase Terms

1. Registration:   Your purchase will register you in ODR's online environment including our community.  You will receive a confirmation email for the security and protection of the site and our members.  It will take you to complete the checkout step. Once your Billing Address is confirmed, press Next to continue.

2. Check Out:  Enter your Coupon Code if you have one.  You can pay via credit card or your Paypal account through Paypal and be returned to our community page where you can access your purchase.  If you do not receive your email, Contact Us.

3. Accessing Program Material:   You can access your material, program or course in the "My Programs" drop down on the community page.  These directions are repeated on the community page to which return.  

4. Coaching:  If you are purchasing the program under a coaching approach, you will automatically be logged in to our Learning Management System.  Your registration will trigger your coach to contact you to start your program.  Please ensure your contact details are completed so that our coach is able to reach you.

5. Facilitating:  If you are purchasing the Program Package for facilitating the workshop yourself, you will be contacted when the review of the materials is complete which usually takes 3-5 days depending on the availabiity of our people.  You will then be sent instructions for downloading the Program Materials.

6.  End User Terms & Conditions of Use:  As a condition of your purchase of this product/service/program, you agreed to the following terms and conditions of use.  This is an agreement between you, the end user of this product/service and ODR Pty Ltd, regarding the use of this product/service.  By placing an order for this product/service you expressly agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

Copyright and Trademark Information
This product/service and associated materials (collectively referred to in this agreement as “Product”) is © copyrighted (2007) by ODR Pty Ltd, all rights reserved.  Warning, international law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorised reproduction or public distribution or exhibition of copyrighted motion picture, video tapes, video disc, elearning players or written material.  This product is protected by the Copyright Act 1968 in Australia and internationally including but not limited to all sections of the law.  

Grant of Licence:  Materials may not be resold or otherwise transferred.
This product is licensed only for the non-commercial exhibition for the individual purchase.  You agree that any other use, or copying is strictly prohibited.  This agreement permits you to receive a single, non-transferable, non-assignable license for the use of this product.  This product is not to be re-sold at any time.  In other words, you expressly agree that these materials are for your own use only and are not to be sold or otherwise distributed or transferred to any others now or at any time in the future.  ODR Pty Ltd will in all circumstances, vigorously pursue anyone who infringes upon or otherwise violates its rights under this contract or at law or equity for the maximum remedies, protections and statutory damages allowable under but not limited to the Australian Copyright Act.

Disclaimer and Release from Liability
You understand and agree that the information contained in this product is for your personal purposes only.  Statements made and concepts conveyed throughout this product are a process involving a set of theories and practices only.  ODR Pty Ltd and the author/s make no representation otherwise.  You are responsible for your own behaviour and conduct that you choose to enact as a result of reading or viewing this material.  None of the material contained herein is to be considered legal or personal advice.
This product is provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind whatsoever (either expressed or implied) and you alone assume any and all risk associated with use of this product.  By purchase and/or use of this product you waive any claim whatsoever against and hold harmless ODR Pty Ltd and any of its officers, staff, advisors, representatives, or designers that may arise from such use.  This waiver specifically also includes but is not limited to any claim arising from a product and/or service which you purchase from ODR Pty Ltd or any information you receive via postal mail, e-mail, fax or otherwise.  This includes but is not limited to responsibility for the accuracy or compliance with any applicable local laws.  
Neither ODR Pty Ltd nor any of its officers, staff, advisors, representatives or designers shall be liable in any way whatsoever (including, but not limited to negligence) for any direct, special or consequential damages resulting from either your use of this product or your inability to use it even under any circumstance in which ODR Pty Ltd or any of its representative(s) have been advised of potential liability, damages, or injury.  
Certain applicable laws may not allow all the limitations of liability described herein.  To the extent that any of the above remedies and /or limitations should be deemed to fail of their essential purposes, you agree that ODR Pty Ltd’s total liability to you under any circumstances whatsoever, including but not limited to losses, damages, causes of action and/or negligence shall not exceed the total manufacturer’s suggested retail price of this product at the time of purchase.