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3.ProfessionalParticipants will be provided the opportunity to trial these methods within the program and develop a person stress management plan incorporating those strategies most suited to their requirements. While positive stress can add anticipation and excitement to life, mismanaged stress can have long term, negative repercussions. The goal of the workshop is to assist participants achieve optimum stress levels.

Resilience SophiaOUTCOMES

  • Recognise the signs and presenting symptoms of stress
  • Emotional intelligence awareness
  • Physical and mental techniques for handling stress
  • Eliminating stress from the physical environment
  • The nutrition connection. Understanding food and stress
  • Responding with poise to stressful situations
  • Eliminating stress at its source by learning the major causes of stress and how to neutralize them
  • Tips to handle pressure,  crisis,  problem-solving and decision making with ease
  • "success stress” how to fight this damaging form of stress that strikes the most talented,  high achieving men and women
  • "burn out” Lean the stages and symptoms of chronic stress with hard-hitting counter-attacks for each stage
  • Building long term resilience

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