• Organisational


    ODR's Organisational Effectiveness Framework offers a comprehensive system and tools for aligning those factors that ensure an organisation's purpose and mission are achieved. Focused on both efficiencies (activities) and effectiveness (results) our alignment framework identifies fit for purpose enablers together with inefficiencies and waste. When all of the systems and elements are properly aligned, maintained and adjusted a reliable, viable and sustainable state of organisational effectiveness is achieved.

    • Drivers:  Purpose, mission, external & internal environment, analysis, surveys, gap analysis, scenario planning, viability sustainability & risk mitigation, critical success factors Close
    • Operating Model: Strategic, operational, tactical, structure, workforce planning, supplier management, market positioning Close
    • Enablers:  Frameworks, policies, processes & practices, monitoring & control mechanisms Close
    • Capability & Capacity: Talent management, structural efficiency, culture, leadership, teamwork, professional & Personal development, competency to engage & deliver Close
    • Customer: Business development, customer focus, value alignment with satisfaction drivers, market intelligence, cross functional efficiencies Close
    • Renewal:  Evaluate & sustain success, utilisation & efficiency, assess exposures, organisational learning, realignment & continuous improvement, positioning for future markets Close
    • Results Improved financial performance, profitability & shareholder value,, market position, employee engagement customer satisfaction & retention, less waste & rework, safety, return on investment, viability & Sustainability Close

    The performance and therefore effectiveness of any system is a function of how well the parts fit and work together. In other words, how well they are aligned. Our experienced team brings years of hands on business and consulting expertise for working through the alignment challenge with your team. Using our purpose designed assessments, tools and consulting techniques, we assist you in identifying and aligning disconnects and inefficiencies and eliminating inefficiencies and waste. From static through transition to sustained organisational effectiveness, we facilitate, coach and guide. We partner with leadership teams to identify and map key transition steps, critical success factors and risk management to close the gap between strategic intent and delivering results.

    Organisation development transcends functional organisational boundaries considering the organisation a holistic set of systems within a broader environmental system. Our role is to identify and align the elements that build the viability and sustainability of organisational success.



    Every organization experiences external and internal forces that both impact and drive it . ODR's consultants facilitate the process of identifying, analysing and building contingency plans for realising opportunities and managing the risks such drivers present. We assist and coach senior leadership teams to shape their organisation's future and prepare the road map with robust strategic, operational and tactical plans. Our planning processes determine the required capability, capacity and action necessary to establish and maintain organisational viability and sustainability in all current and potential markets and associated environments.



    We engage with leaders and managers to assess, design and implement effective and efficient operating models that capture value in increasingly complex and dynamic environments. We provide an 'objective lens', focused on ensuring strategic intents translate into results by aligning the various aspects of the business to leverage and integrate the elements of its unique systems. Partnering with leadership teams, we assist in developing future state target organisational models, key transition steps, critical success factors, contingency management and risk mitigation protocols. We assist in shifting the purpose and mission to tangible, actionable and documented plans and frameworks that will both deliver and ensure stakeholder value.



    Delivery of strategy is only possible when a stable and effective implementation framework or set of enablers exist. ODR assists in identifying these disconnects, duplications, redundancies, competing systems and gaps in the enabling systems. We achieve this by providing research and experience validated framework materials and evaluating the alignment of existing frameworks, including policies, procedures, practices and monitoring systems for getting the job done. We also align the more dynamic systems that either enable or inhibit the achievement of objectives including culture: the shared values, attitudes and behaviours that form your organisation's unique ways of working, and Leadership: the way leaders support, or not, their people to achieve the organisation's objectives.



    We assist you to identify and build the unique set of competencies that create and sustain strategic advantage for your organisation with workable talent management strategies. Our methodologies provide the tools and metrics to drive alignment of purposeful people activities that deliver strategic objectives - current and future. Connecting people to organisational, team and individual systems, our learning and development programs strengthen capability frameworks and encompass every aspect of the employee work life cycle. From workforce planning by determining structural efficiencies, attracting, retaining and sustaining key people and leadership , through to defining roles that empower a workforce and a culture clearly focused on effectively delivering value.



    A critical difference in organizational success, the system that creates and sustains customers, requires a specific targeted focus. Our consultants provide an 'objective lens' for aligning the mechanisms that support current and future customer and market trends and embeds customer focus in the organisation's DNA. We provide frameworks for systematically determining current and future customer value and satisfaction drivers. We create efficiencies by identifying the appropriate scale and utilisation of resources to grow revenues and leverage agreements between stakeholders to deliver organisational and customer value. We improve efficiencies through knowledge management strategies and customer relationship management systems. We build capabilities in business development to identify and open new markets, improve sales patterns, service efficiency and their outcomes. A critically important contributor to organisational viability, sustainability and renewal. When organisational structures and systems become misaligned with markets and their customers, performance and results suffer. Our consultants facilitate the process of aligning these systems for success.

  • Organisational Renewal

    Organisational Renewal

    Strengthening the system wide functioning, architecture and activities to deliver sustainable results, renewal involves ensuring the capability, capacity and agility for business performance. An integrated approach to reviewing the internal and external systems and their drivers is essential to informing strategic decision making when positioning the organisation for what lies ahead. Organisation Development is a business discipline for objectively reviewing the frameworks, their efficiencies and their sufficiency to meet changing environmental factors (inputs) and how these affect what the organisation exists to deliver (output). Our role as consultants is to assess exposures and opportunities, identifying and aligning disconnects in your organisation's ability to respond and adapt to changing circumstances. Our consultants identify and evaluate formal and informal data collection (qualitative and quantitative), consolidation and feedback mechanisms, their reliability and validity, and advise accordingly on potential drivers and scenarios for consideration by decision makers.