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Effective organisational strategy recognises that beyond technology or finances it is an enabled workforce, including its leaders and teams, that remains the ultimate competitive advantage.  Our consultants coach and engage teams and their leaders to identify and focus on what matters.  We facilitate the process of aligning team’s composition, roles, relationships and efforts regardless of their level.

Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

More than team building, we deliver immediate practical benefitby engaging team members, including leaders; using activities relevant to the real issues and challenges they face on a daily basis.   Situations in a team’s life cycle when our consultants can add value;

  • Developing self-sustaining, readiness, preparedness and agility
  • Fast-tracking the development of new teams and leaders or launching a project team
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of existing teams and their leaders
  • Diagnosing a team’s current and perceived reality and context
  • When a team is dysfunctional or simply looking for that extra edge
  • When is a team is falling behind in productivity
  • A good team wants to become a great team
  • Conflicts within the team are impeding progress
  • The organisation needs to raise the bar
  • Restructure, downsize and/or reinvention of a team
  • The team is facing an extraordinary challenge
  • Accelerate the conversion of a group of individuals to that of a high-performing team

Contemporary thinking and practice shows that organisations that invest in workforce capability and agility, in concert with their technical and process maturity, are the ones who develop the sustainable competitive advantages.  ODR’s Team Effectiveness Framework identifies the factors that align and mobilise team talent and energy to achieve such organizational objectives.

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