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ODR's Organisational Effectiveness Framework offers a comprehensive system and tools for aligning those factors that ensure an organisation's purpose and mission are achieved. Focused on both efficiencies (activities) and effectiveness (results) our alignment framework identifies fit for purpose enablers together with inefficiencies and waste. When all of the systems and elements are properly aligned, maintained and adjusted a reliable, viable and sustainable state of organisational effectiveness is achieved.

Organisational Effectiveness

Organisational Effectiveness
The performance and therefore effectiveness of any system is a function of how well the parts fit and work together. In other words, how well they are aligned. Our experienced team brings years of hands on business and consulting expertise for working through the alignment challenge with your team. Using our purpose designed assessments, tools and consulting techniques, we assist you in identifying and aligning disconnects and inefficiencies and eliminating inefficiencies and waste. From static through transition to sustained organisational effectiveness, we facilitate, coach and guide. We partner with leadership teams to identify and map key transition steps, critical success factors and risk management to close the gap between strategic intent and delivering results.

Organisation development transcends functional organisational boundaries considering the organisation a holistic set of systems within a broader environmental system. Our role is to identify and align the elements that build the viability and sustainability of organisational success.

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